GA, the envy of SQ


Singapore Airlines CEO, Mr. Goh Choon Phong, has stated that he is very envious of PT. Garuda Indonesia, the Indonesian flag carrier.

The CEO has said that he would have been put in jail in Singapore if his airline is doing the same things Garuda did. “I wish I can do all those things Garuda Indonesia did with my airline here in Singapore and not suffer the consequences”.

“I also wish my shareholders does not demand my airline to turn a profit every year. If only my airline is owned by the same shareholders as Garuda Indonesia”.

In the meantime, the CEO of Garuda Indonesia, Mr. Irfan Saputra, has shown another example that he is listening to the demands of the airline’s dumb ass passengers, and forbid his crew to don masks.
“My crew are willing to die for their airline, try asking those Singapore Girls if they are willing to do the same”.

None of the shareholders of either airline is willing to comment.


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